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Bad Behavior on Flights Increased in 2022

Remember all the cases of disruptive, unruly or downright violent airline passengers back in 2020 and 2021?


The FAA reported more than 7,000 cases.


Passengers were thrown off planes. Some were arrested. Others paid fines and went to prison.


So has airline passenger behavior improved in the post-pandemic world? The answer is no. It’s actually gotten worse.


The International Air Travel Association reports that bad behavior incidents on planes rose 37% last year.


In real numbers, there was one incident per 835 flights in 2021. But last year, there was one incident for every 568 flights.


And once again, alcohol was a factor in most of the cases.


There’s legislation introduced in Congress calling for a national, industry-wide no-fly list, but so far congress hasn’t voted on it yet.