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Eye on Travel — Dallas, Texas — May 13, 2023

Locations in this article:  Dallas, TX
This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is from The Ritz Carlton in Dallas, Texas. I have all the latest travel updates. Then, Scott McCartney, Host of the Airlines Confidential podcast, discusses how the airline seat has become a political battleground and the impact of the potential JetBlue and Spirit merger. Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor for The Independent, speaks to changing traveler behavior and how people are staying longer to get the most bang for their buck. Stephen Fagin, Curator for The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, talks about the assassination of President Kennedy as well as how visiting the The Sixth Floor Museum can help people heal from that day. And Dean Fearing, Chef/Owner (Fearing’s Restaurant and Author of The Texas Food Bible), chats about his 40 years in Dallas, the changing food scene in this city, and a few things he can never take off his menu. There’s all this and more on this edition of Eye on Travel.