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Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World

It’s one thing to travel to a new city. It’s another thing to travel within it.

Now, more and more cities have expanded their available bike paths, not just for locals but for visitors as well.

And which are the most bike-friendly cities in the world? The latest rankings are out, and researchers considered everything from the number of days of suitable weather, crime and safety, as well as the number of available shared bicycles and renting stations.

The number one city for biking is Utrecht, in the Netherlands, followed by Munster, Germany.

Antwerp, Belgium, holds third place. You’ll also find biking the way to go in cities like Amsterdam, and London.

And what about the United States? It doesn’t even break the top 20. San Francisco comes in at 39th place, followed by Portland and Seattle in 41st and 50th