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Loneliest Cities in America: A New Ranking

The Census Bureau data is out for the loneliest cities in America.


It’s based on counting the number of one-person households and then factoring in the percentage of folks living alone.


At number five, Cincinnati, Ohio, has over 66,000 one-person households, and 46% of households living alone.


The fourth loneliest city in the U.S. is Richmond, Virginia, with 46% of households that live alone, 28% being female.


The third loneliest city is also in Virginia. That would be Alexandria, with 46% of households living alone.


St. Louis is the city with the second highest rate of single-person households, with more than 47%.


If you’re single and looking to travel to a place with the best odds of meeting someone, welcome to the loneliest city in America. It’s our nation’s capital, Washington DC, with over 154,000 one-person households. That’s more than 48% of households.