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WWOOF Explained

With airfares and hotel rates rising, what can you do if you’re on a tight travel budget?


For a growing number of travelers, there’s an unusual but very affordable option. It’s called “WWOOF”.


That’s short for working on an organic farm — and it’s available in 130 countries around the world ranging from Portugal to Mexico to right here in the U.S.


And the cost? It’s free.


Here’s how it works. You work on a certified organic farm in the country of your choice, and in exchange for your work, you get housing and food. The only money you’ll have to pay is for your travel expenses to get there and a WWOOF membership that costs about $40 a year.


You get to choose how long you want to work on a farm. You can WWOOF by yourself with a friend or with your family, and of course you’re hanging with the locals. Perhaps the best deal is that you’ve never eaten healthier.