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Summer 2022: European Travel


If you think this has been a bad summer for U.S. air travelers all across America, you’re right, but the situation is actually worse with airlines and airports in Europe.

In Dublin, people begin lining up at the airport by 2:30 a.m. and then wait three hours with lines often into the streets for their morning flights — assuming they are not canceled.

At London’s Gatwick Airport, they’ve pulled 1,000 flights off the schedule to try to ease the mess.

British Airways went one step further and took more than 10,000 flights off their schedules between August and October. That means there are 30,000 flights the airline has stopped operating in just the past couple of weeks.

In Amsterdam, officials first tried to limit the number of people allowed to be in the airport terminal at any one time. That didn’t work. Then they asked airlines to cut flights. That also didn’t work. Then they took the highly unusual – and some say unprecedented – step of ordering the airlines to stop selling any more tickets until August 1st.

If you’re considering taking a short-haul flight in Europe, this may indeed be the summer to take the train instead, if you can get a reservation.