The Essentials

How Much Does a Passport Cost?

What’s one of the best travel bargains, perhaps ever?

It’s a U.S passport. It costs just $165 and is valid for 10 years. And renewals are even less expensive at $130.

But in many other countries, getting a passport may not only be difficult but very expensive.

Australians pay more than $300 for their passport, Cubans pay $270 and in some countries, a new passport is a multiple of what it costs to get a U.S. one.

Syrians pay $600 for their passports. And a Lebanese passport is nearly $800. That price doesn’t include the often reported “Consideration” asked for by some less than ethical government officials to process the document.

If you’re applying for a new or renewal passport, be sure to ask for the one with the extra pages. Because once you fill those pages, even if it’s way before renewal time, you’ll have to get a new passport.