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Some Airports with Welcomed Layovers

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It has become an inevitable expectation of travel — the amount of time you might be spending at airports, for either scheduled or unplanned layovers.

And when it comes to international travel, both the quantity and quality of time you may be forced to spend at foreign airports can be crucial to your overall travel experience.

Thankfully, there are some airports where layovers are welcome. Many are in Asia. Singapore’s Changi is one of them. It has great shopping and food choices.

Incheon in South Korea is another favorite, as is Hong Kong.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol even has a casino and a movie theater.

The new Istanbul airport also makes the list, as does Hamad International, in Doha, with everything from a swimming pool to one of the greatest business class lounges in the world.

So if you’re going to get stuck at an airport, you’re in luck.