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Commonly Mispronounced City Names

Are you traveling overseas? It helps to pronounce your destination correctly.

If you’re going to Hungary, it’s not Budapest, “boo-da-pest.” It’s “boo-duh-pesht.”


Many Americans mispronounce this northern Australian city of Brisbane as “bris-bayne.” But It’s “brizz-bin.”


And how about the capital of Scotland? Some say Edinburgh as “ee-din-burg,” but the correct pronunciation is “ed-in-burr-uh.”


Then there’s the beautiful island in Thailand, Phuket. I won’t get in trouble by repeating the mispronunciation. It’s pronounced “poo-ket.”


And to top it off, can you guess the pronunciation of the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana? It’s “loo-blee-ah-nah.”