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The Rise in Surprise Trips….To Nowhere

Looking to bring spontaneous travel to another level?

How about a 10-day cruise where you have precisely no idea where you’re going?

Uniworld Boutique Cruises is offering a one-time “mystery cruise” that is set for June 2022.

It’s pricey at about $7,000 per person, but it includes airfare as well. And the only thing the cruise line will share with you is a packing list of what you need to bring.

Then, there’s a company called “Pack Up and Go” and you won’t know the destination of your trip until you’re at the airport. And then discover you’re heading to Savannah, Georgia, Newport, Rhode Island or Seattle, Washington.

There’s also a firm called “Whisked Away,” which has done just that for surprised travelers — everywhere from San Diego to Oslo, Norway.

So if you just want to go anywhere and don’t want to spend the time planning your trip, then you can surprise someone else, or even better, surprise yourself.