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Radio Guest List — New York — February 20, 2021

Locations in this article:  New York City, NY

This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel comes once again from New York. Sara Nelson, the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, with an update on all things up in the air — from enforcing the mask rule to the latest on emotional support animals and a long-running passenger wheelchair scam. Christopher Elliott, The Washington Post columnist, on the sudden push by many Americans to seek — and get — a second passport. We’ll check in with Victor Garvey, owner of SOLA SOHO in London (the first American restaurant to win a Michelin star outside the U.S.), on the current situation in the United Kingdom. And travel writer Jessica Nabongo, the first Black woman to travel to every single country in the world, with a truly global report on her travel experiences — as a solo voyager and woman of color traveling the world. There’s all this and more on this week’s Eye on Travel.


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Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, helps Peter open the program by giving us an update on how the airlines are managing currently and looks back at last year’s corporate bailout and the disruptive effects of when it ran out. She expands on what that means now and talks about the relief plan that Democrats are pushing forward. The industry is going to be a little smaller, but there will hopefully be more of a demand towards the end of this year. She speaks on the importance of keeping the economy afloat, making sure that we’re in place to meet the travel demand when it comes back and the federal backing of flight attendants with the mask mandate. Sara also discusses emotional support animals on planes and how people abuse the wheelchair system.


Christopher Elliott, Author, Journalist, Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer at the Elliott Advocacy, speaks about the latest trend with Americans – getting a second passport. Chris speaks about the methods and why getting one is probably a good deal. People get weird with passports, he says. There are some surprising places and destinations that ask for your passport at certain times. And so having a second passport can really come in handy. Then, what’s the latest with vaccinations for cruises? Chris has a report on this and more.


Hannah Sampson, Travel Reporter at The Washington Post, discusses all things travel insurance – what they tell you, what they don’t, what policies are changing and if pandemics will finally be included. And are you thinking about going to Hawaii? It’s not as simple as testing negative for COVID-19 and showing up. Hannah then updates us on what has Alaska reeling in frustration at the moment and how Mickey Mouse is doing over at the Disney theme parks. It doesn’t seem like Disneyland will open anytime soon. Then, Hannah shares Japan’s situation with the postponed Tokyo Summer Olympics that didn’t happen in 2020.


Jon Ostrower, Editor-in-Chief at The Air Current, speaks about the strained relationship between Boeing and General Electric. He speaks about carriers choosing aircrafts based on their routes and wanting to expand. And he explains what this means for you. He then dives into leisure travel, the basic-economy price and the uncertain period that lays ahead of us. The pandemic is still unfolding and potential domestic travel testing could disrupt things even further.


Victor Garvey, Owner & Founder of SO|LA — the first American restaurant to win a Michelin star outside of the United States — speaks about winning the prestigious award during a global pandemic and how it has adapted its menu to fit the current restaurant lockdowns in the United Kingdom. SO|LA is refined California cuisine, influenced by Victor’s classical training. He expands on how the concept for the award-winning restaurant began. He also talks about sourcing produce and how it ties into the California cooking ethos.


Jessica Nabongo, Founder & CEO of Jet Black, Travel Writer and the first Black woman to travel to every country in the world, gives us some insight into her travels abroad and the small feat of visiting every nation on the globe – including her favorite places and why. And what about the most disappointing countries? She reveals these and why the absence of Black people doesn’t necessarily mean that the place is unwelcoming. She discusses what she saw as the most surprising destinations, what it was like to travel to 89 countries alone, and what inspired her to begin her worldly journey. She also reveals the domestic travel that is still on her bucket list. She has six states left to tackle.