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Carry-On Luggage Tips

Briggs & Riley

When it comes to what constitutes an acceptable carry-on bag, every airline seems to have different rules.


Many airlines consider a standard size carry-on is 14 inches by 22 inches by 9 inches. That’s not a lot of space.


But when packing one of those carry-on bags, consider this. What takes up the most space? It’s clothing.


So to maximize your space, roll (don’t fold your clothing) and put the rolled items in the bag first.


Then, put heavier items like shoes at the bottom of your bag. It helps keep it more stable.


But what gets really confusing is not the rules for the dimensions of the bag but the allowable weight.


Some airlines allow 22 pounds. A growing number are only allowing 15 pounds. So check ahead before your carry-on suddenly becomes a checked item.