Eye on Travel

Eye on Travel — Hyatt Regency Cincinnati — October 17, 2020

This week, Eye on Travel comes to you from the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati and the site of the annual Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit. Ted Christie, CEO of Spirit Airlines, talks with Peter about how the low-cost, low-fare airline will survive and succeed in the era of COVID-19. Chief Economist at Airlines for America, John Heimlich, weighs in on the real numbers, not to mention the 86% drop in business travel. And Mike Boyd discusses the real fear factors and why people are still not flying — and what needs to happen in order to get travelers in the air again. Captain John Cox, President and CEO of Safety Operating Systems LLC, talks about the revolutionary shift of the airline industry this year with changes in the availability of equipment and locations as the industry recovers — including an update on the Boeing 737 Max. We’ll also take a look at the impact on airports around the U.S., starting with Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG). And there’s some good news: Business Courier’s Andy Brownfield talks about the renaissance that Cincinnati has gone through over the last 10 years and the food and cultural explosion in the city. There’s all this and more on this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel.


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