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Best and Worst Cities for Coffee Lovers

New research from financial website WalletHub ranks the best and worst cities for coffee lovers here in the United States.


Not surprisingly, the top coffee city is Seattle. It’s not about Starbucks, but rather places like La Marzocco, Elm Coffee Roasters, and Café Hagen.


Other well-caffeinated cities are San Francisco, Portland, Miami, and Tampa.


How were the rankings determined? One criteria is how much locals spent on coffee and how much coffee they consumed.


Who came in with the lowest? That’s Toledo, Ohio; Laredo, Texas; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Memphis, Tennessee.


Other findings might surprise you.


Hialeah, Florida has the lowest average price of a cappuccino and the highest percentage of adult coffee drinkers.


San Francisco has the most affordable coffee shops, coffee houses, and cafés.


But in many cities, these days, coffee may be limited to take out.