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Big Airfare Bargains to Some U.S. Cities

Are you looking for a cheap airfare as we slowly begin to get back to air travel?

Some U.S. cities are now big airfare bargains and have had huge fare drops.

New Orleans is down 65% over last year.

The cost of a ticket to Miami dropped 63% this year over 2019.

Even Chicago is down 60%.

Denver is about half off what it was last year.

A New York to Los Angeles round-trip ticket has been as low as $250. It normally goes for about $420 or more.

As long as demand stays low, so will ticket prices.

How about Los Angeles to Austin? It dropped as low as $51 recently.

In some markets, it’s more expensive to take the cab to the airport than to buy the actual airline ticket. And things might stay that way through the end of this year.