The Essentials

Road Trip to Famous Movie Locations

If you’re at home binging a few legendary movies, you can still get out on a road trip and responsibly visit the locations where those movies were shot.

An off-couch, off-screen adventure awaits at classic locations like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where you can climb the iconic steps from “Rocky.”

You can travel to Perry Street in New York City to see Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building from “Sex and the City.”

Recreate the movie poster from “Home Alone” at the McCallister home in Winnetka, Illinois.

Even the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is pictured in a famous scene from “Forrest Gump.”

Down south, you can channel your inner Katniss at the Dupont State Recreational Forest in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, where many scenes were filmed in “The Hunger Games.”

And remember… wear your mask, of course.