Eye on Travel

Eye on Travel — New York — September 12, 2020

Locations in this article:  New York City, NY

On this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel, we look at three dates in September — September 9 (for laughs), September 11 (for remembrance) and September 30 (and what it will mean for U.S. airlines and the future of travel and transportation). Founder of ViewfromtheWing.com, Gary Leff, gives his perspective on what’s at risk, including the very real possibility of the loss of 40,000 to 50,000 jobs — and nearly 70 U.S. cities from airline schedules. Jill Schlesinger, the money and business analyst for CBS News, talks about the real unemployment numbers in travel and tourism and the way forward. President and CEO of Airlines for America, Nick Calio, explains the real economic impact of the current situation as airlines are losing $5 billion a month. We’re also joined by GeoSure CEO, Michael Becker, who breaks down his global ranking system for evaluating how safe a city is and how the data gets collected from hundreds of structured sources. And what it means to you before you travel just about anywhere. There’s all of this and more on this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel.


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