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Eye on Travel — Tampa Marriott Water Street Hotel in Tampa, Florida — August 1, 2020

Photo Credit: Keir Magoulas

Locations in this article:  Tampa, FL


This week’s episode of Eye on Travel — is traveling for the first time in five months – to the Tampa Marriott Water Street in Tampa, Florida. Peter updates on the Covid-19 travel world: which countries are open, which have shut down (again) and a report on Global Entry. Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Confidential and AskThePilot.com, reports on the changing dynamics of airline pilots in the wake of the pandemic. Maritime historian Peter Knego with an update on the almost unprecedented number of cruise ships being sent to the scrapyards. And we’ll get a frontline Florida report on how Tampa is adjusting as one of the nation’s hot spots for the virus. Richard Gonzmart, owner of the legendary Columbia restaurant, tells us how he’s kept his staff working during the pandemic. We’ll also hear from CEO of Mise en Place, Maryann Ferenc, on the challenging restaurant economic scene and what local restaurants are doing to implement safe dining. And Dr. Lauren Smith, Director of Animal Health at ZooTampa at Lowry Park, on how the zoo’s animals adjusted to the dramatic drop in visitors, the lessons that the zookeepers learned, and how the zoo has reopened with new safety measures. There’s all this and more when Eye on Travel broadcasts from Tampa Marriott Water Street in Tampa, Florida.

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