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Plan Ahead with Frequent Flyer Miles

Beware of the law of unintended consequences, but in this one case, you get to benefit from the current economic and Covid-19 crisis, if you’re holding any frequent flyer miles.

Six months ago, planes were full, and it was difficult to redeem miles, and if you could redeem miles, it was a lot of miles and that’s if the airlines released a seat.

Now the airlines have nothing but seats.

In many cases, they’ve even lowered the redemption mileage levels needed to get that seat.

So plan ahead, and look at November, December, and January flights to your dream destinations. And redeem those miles now, while you can.

If the crisis continues and your flights are then canceled, the airlines would then only need to redeposit your miles back to your account. It’s a good, calculated risk and at lower mileage levels to boot.