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Are You Looking For an Inexpensive, Alternate Airport?

Are you looking for a cheap flight? You might first want to look for an inexpensive, alternate airport.

One survey recently crunched all the numbers and analyzed 7,000 flights to see which airports offered the best deals.

One surprise was that New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was in many cases less expensive than LaGuardia Airport.

And Washington Dulles was less expensive than Reagan National Airport.

Plus, Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale all offered great deals. This is good to know if you live in Tampa, Jacksonville or Palm Beach because you might have an incentive to drive to the other Florida airport.

The airports with the fewest great deals were located in Panama City, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

And the fare differentials — not to mention the frequency of flights —  is another incentive to look for the alternate airports.