The Essentials

The Dirtiest Parts of Your Hotel Room

The next time you check into your hotel room, you need to be aware of the items in the room that are the dirtiest and often contain the highest level of bacteria.

No, I’m not suggesting you wear a hazmat suit every time you go to a hotel. But I am suggesting you pay extra attention to the TV remote control unit. It’s hardly ever cleaned by the maids. Use a sanitary wipe and clean it.

You should also sanitize the telephone handset next to the bed.

Next, you should know that the bed spread or duvet is not regularly cleaned. So take it off the bed and don’t use it.

And finally, one item most often overlooked by guests –and it’s in the bathroom– are the water glasses. These may not always be replaced after each guest. To fully protect yourself, run the glasses under hot water in the sink for about a minute.