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Eye on Travel–Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California–March 2, 2019

Locations in this article:  Los Angeles, CA

This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Joining the show are some of the living legends in the travel and hospitality business (and Forbes five-star winners). Peter Borer, Chief Operating Officer of Peninsula Hotels, on his company’s historic win — each of the 10 Peninsula hotels around the world have received a five-star Forbes rating — the first that any hotel group has accomplished. Sheila Johnson, Co-Founder of BET and the owner of the Salamander Resorts on her personal quest for five stars, the struggle to build new hotels, and the disconnect between luxury hotels and…dress codes. Horst Schulze, the Co-Founder of Ritz Carlton, speaks about the history of luxury and how to maintain the standards. Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide, reveals the changing metrics of hotel inspections, the 900 rigorous standards behind them, and the real world of undercover hotel inspectors. And Richard Bangs, explorer and the father of modern adventure travel, reports on his recent trip to…Lebanon and why it’s once again — and perhaps surprisingly — become a must-see destination. There’s all this and more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit in Beverly Hills.

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