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Why You Need to Redeem Your Frequent Flyer Miles Now

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Don’t horde your frequent flyer award miles.

The airlines can — and do — devalue them on an almost weekly basis.

Trust me…your miles don’t earn any interest when they just sit there. They’re just worth less.

For example, Delta Air Lines is now allowing frequent flyers to redeem miles for its basic economy, truly no frills flights.

What this means is that redeeming miles for a regular economy ticket may cost you more miles. It also means since the airlines only allow you to upgrade only one class of service, you may only be upgrading to economy, which puts you right back where you started.

And if history is any indication, it’s only going to get worse. So follow my advice and be strategic. Think as far as 330 days out, pick a destination you want to fly, and then redeem those miles now. You’ll thank me.