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Travel Tip: The Most Expensive Cities in the World Based on Starbucks’ Prices

In 1986, The Economist introduced the Big Mac Index – a creative way to measure purchasing power of different countries. The Wall Street Journal decided to take a more contemporary approach and view different cities based on the price of Starbucks’ tall latte. 
So the cheapest city to get your tall latte is Cairo. There, Starbucks sells it for $1.53. The same exact drink will cost you $2.44 in São Paulo, $2.84 in London and $3.13 in Sydney. 
And in some cities you should get your caffeine at the local coffee shops instead. The third most expensive city to get Starbucks is Singapore with the price of $4.24. Number two is another place in Asia: Hong Kong, where a latte will cost you $4.36. 
So what’s the city with the most expensive Starbucks in the world? It’s Zurich. There, you’ll pay $5.76 for your drink. Fun fact: when you order a latte in Switzerland or other German speaking countries, ask for “latte macchiato”, because “latte” means something else and you don’t wanna order it, trust me.
Now here’s some good news. The most expensive Starbucks U.S. city–New York– is in the fourteenth spot with the price of $3.45. 

Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson