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Travel Tip: Unusual Abandoned Places You Can Now Visit 

Photo: Doug Kerr

Are you up for something different this Halloween week and looking for an excuse to travel? There are a bunch of spooky abandoned places around the world, which you can now visit. 
Letchworth Village in New York looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie: shabby walls, broken windows, an abundance of thickets. This place used to be a mental institution known for dubious experiments on its patients. The special atmosphere makes it easy to imagine the horrific scenes from the past. Although, entering the buildings is not allowed, wandering around certainly will do.  
Pripyat near Chernobyl in Ukraine is a ghost town forever stuck in its Soviet era. After the Chernobyl nuclear plant’s explosion in 1986, all the residents were evacuated and the town became abandoned. Houses, playgrounds, stores and schools all remained intact. Today, the radiation levels are back to normal and you can get a tour there from Kiev for about $150 per person. 
Forget fake, haunted houses, Villa de Vecchi in Italy will beat any of them. This 19th century mansion in the mountains was witness to the brutal murder of the owner’s wife and the kidnapping of his daughter. The house was abandoned in the 1960s, and the rumors are that it became a site for ritualistic sacrifices and suicides. There are no admission costs. You just need to hike there from the nearest village of Cortenova. 
The City Methodist Church in Indiana is a nine-story gothic style cathedral built in 1926. It was abandoned in the 1970s. Today, it looks like elves and leprechauns had a wild party there the night before. So if you’re looking for mystical creatures or ghosts, this church might be a better option than your attic at home. And just like your attic, it’s free. 

Letchworth Village in New York, Photo: Doug Kerr