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Travel Tip: Cities Where Tourists Spend the Most Money

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Jericho

While on holidays, people tend to be less cost-conscious and spend much more money than usual. Mastercard analyzed data from 162 countries to determine the destinations where tourists left the most money last year. The results might surprise you.

Number one is actually not New York. It’s Dubai. There, in 2017, an average tourist spent $537 a day. This is how much some Americans earn a week.

The second place goes to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Although Saudi Arabia only recently opened its borders to most international visitors, the visitors that were let into the country last year managed to spend $18.45 billion there.

London took the third place, and it’s Europe’s most costly destination for its international shoppers. In 2017, the capital of Great Britain greeted 19.83 million people, who spent $17.45 billion.

Number four and number five are Singapore and Bangkok respectively.

And New York is sixth on the list. Last year, it attracted 13.13 million visitors, and on average, these visitors spent $147 a day. This amount is 3.6 times less than the spendings of visitors in Dubai.

So if you’re on a budget and suffer from shopaholism, you better avoid all these cities just for now.


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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Jericho