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Radio Guest List–Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, Canada–October 27, 2018

Locations in this article:  Vancouver, Canada

This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from onboard one of the great trains in North America–the Rocky Mountaineer. We’ll travel across Canada, from Banff to Vancouver. This is the largest privately owned train company in the world, and it follows the same route that built Canada, much like the trains further South built America. We’ll talk to train buffs and historians, mayors and chefs, wildlife specialists and museum directors — all of them onboard this trip heading West. And we’ll also update the latest travel news from around the world–and there’s a lot of it. There’s all of this and more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from onboard of the Rocky Mountaineer train.


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Don Evans, Chair of the Board of Directors for the West Coast Railway, explains why railroads were a game changer for Canada. He also shares why traveling by train is a unique way to learn more about Canada’s history, explore its different communities and witness the country’s nature and wildlife. He then talks about his museum in Vancouver, preserving the story of the Canadian railway.


Ken Christian, Mayor of Kamloops, tells Peter how the trains built the city of Kamloops – one of the oldest cities in British Columbia. He also discusses what brings so many tourists to Kamloops including its beautiful nature, art and culture and salmon.


Jean Pierre Guerin, Rocky Mountaineer Executive Chef, talks about adapting to changing demographics of its passengers and trying to serve “trending food.” He also reveals a uniquely Canadian dish served on the train (and if you’re from New York, it might make you angry). He also discusses famous Canadian salmon, and why it’s not as good when it comes from rivers.


Brandon Wipp, Onboard Host of Rocky Mountaineer, shares how passengers often have no idea what to expect and how they get thrilled after seeing rainforests, deserts, the Rocky Mountains, lakes and rivers on the same trip. He also explains why he still gets excited when he notices a bear or eagle out of the train’s window.


Wendy McMichael, Train Manager of Rocky Mountaineer, explains what makes Western Colombia a special destination to travel to, even for Canadians. She also shares her favorite story that happened to her on this route.


Dwayne Dergousoff, Senior Director of Rail Operations, gives Peter the insides of operating the Rocky Mountaineer. He also shares how unlike some other trains, the Rocky Mountaineer is not just about getting from point A to point B, but about enjoying the experience.


Johanna Read, Editor of and Contributor to Time Out, talks about “sustainable seafood” and shares the best place to get it in Vancouver (which also happens to be very romantic). She then reveals her two biggest surprises about the city.  


Steve Sammut, President of the Rocky Mountaineer, tells Peter the history of the Rocky Mountaineer– the largest privately owned tourism train company in the world. He also discusses the importance of socialization and meeting like-minded travelers.


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