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Travel Tip: American Accents That Appeal to Foreigners

Americans are often fascinated by foreign accents. Some might say we are seduced by them. I’ve often believed that someone using a soothing British or French accent can often be convincing and get us to do things we didn’t really want to do. But what about our accents?

Which American accent is the most appealing to foreigners? The most attractive American accent is….deep Southern. And who likes the deep South voice the best? It’s the Irish.

And what’s number two? Fuggedabout it. It’s the folks who speak with a distinct New York accent. Europeans found it the most appealing.

The Germans love folks who speak with a Bostonian accent. And Swedish folks love Americans from Southern California…totally.

And who comes in last on the list? That would be Americans with a Midwest or Canadian accent. 

By Peter Greenberg for