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Travel Tip: Special Amusement Parks for Special Needs Kids

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We all have our favorite amusement parks, but for the nearly 3 million families in the United States raising kids with a disability, finding one suitable that offers a fully inclusive experience for their children is a real challenge. But now, there are a number of special amusement parks dedicated to those special needs kids.

Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas was created by the father of a disabled girl, Morgan. At Morgan’s Wonderland, all rides are fully accessible and sensory friendly. The park also includes wheelchair accessible water slides. And talk about inclusion: The admission is free for all people with special needs. The park is non-profit and runs on donations.

Sesame Place in Philadelphia is not just a theme park but also a certified autism center and the first amusement park of its kind. The park offers noise-cancelling headphones, quiet relaxation rooms and sensory guides that evaluate the sensory intensity of each ride. In addition, all of the staff members are certified to work with special needs children.

Thomas Land at Edaville Family Theme Park in South Carver, Massachusetts is another place that takes extra care of its special autistic guests. There, the visitors can ride a quiet car on the Thomas train that also has special toys for kids to help them relax. And while waiting in line, the kids are offered anti-stress and fidget toys as well as weighted blankets. And just as important, the park is also equipped with sensory friendly bathrooms.

Instagram @morganswonderlandtexas


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