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Radio Guest List-Hotel Lutetia in Paris, France-August 11, 2018

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This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide comes from the Hotel Lutetia in Paris, France, an iconic, historic and luxury hotel on the Left Bank and newly reopened after a nearly four year, $234 million restoration and renovation. (First opened in 1910, it’s been the hangout for everyone from Charles de Gaulle to Pablo Picasso, from Ernest Hemingway to Josephine Baker). Peter will report on the latest rumor — that the TSA wants to eliminate security checks at about 150 small U.S. airports and the latest word on the unexpected worldwide airfare sale in the middle of summer. Catherine Down, Founder of Ciao Down, joins Peter with an all important update on the Parisian food scene, the stinkiest (and best) cheeses and where all the city’s notable chefs are now eating dinner. Then, a real hidden gem report: Abigail Altman from the American Library in Paris, joins the program to talk about this little known destination in the city, as well as the library’s extensive history and its surprising collection. And Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, joins the program to discuss the airline’s growth in the face of the regional blockade on Qatar. There’s all this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide comes from the Hotel Lutetia in Paris, France.



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Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, joins the program to discuss the airline’s growth in a short period of time, its desire to be the best airline in the world and how it keeps its fleet young and maintenance costs low in the process. Akbar talks about the destinations that the airline has added in 2018, full utilization of airplanes to minimize profit loss and the crucial role Qatar Airways played in overcoming the recent blockade that impacted Qatar.

Catherine Down, Food Writer and Founder of Ciao Down, joins Peter to discuss the Parisian food scene, the stinkiest cheeses and the local cafes. The Boston native also reveals her favorite chocolate shop in the city (and why she likes it better than Peter’s pick), the up and coming French-Asian food fusion restaurant trend and where all the city’s notable chefs are dining for dinner.

Yves Winkin, Director of Musee des Arts et Metiers, explains the meaning behind the museum’s name and why it was – and has been – on the forefront of the industrial revolution. For example, the Musee des Arts et Metiers considers itself to be a new machine training ground. Yves also shares a surprising and very important piece of history at the museum – the first plane that ever tried to fly.

Lindsey Tramuta, American Journalist and Author of The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement, discusses Paris’ reputation for being a living museum and how its current developments have served as a new attraction for people, especially in the tech industry. Lindsey also talks about other changes arising in Paris– like the new openness to foreign influence–and the safety concerns that have some worried.

Abigail Altman, Assistant Director at the American Library in Paris, joins the program to talk about this hidden gem in Paris and it’s extensive history dating back to the early 20th century. Abigail also divulges some of the famous names (including Ernest Hemingway) and some not-so-known aspects that form a part of the American Library in Paris’ story. Then, she talks about a book she brought in from the restricted section and how it ended up with them.

Isabelle Bouvier, the General Manager of the Hotel Lutetia in Paris, talks about the 108-year-old hotel’s staggering $234 million dollar renovation, shares some history about the hotel’s past life and the notable names that passed through its doors–Pablo Picasso and Charles de Gaulle among them. Isabelle then discusses how the hotel, despite only having been open for a few weeks now, is standing out from the crowd. Have you seen Midnight in Paris? It can happen here.

Riad Kneife, Professional Buyer and “Mr. Flea Market”, returns to the program to talk about the renowned Paris flea market, the world-class pieces found there dating as far back as 1885 and his tips for purchasing efficiently. He then shares his all-time “antique find dream” and how his latest flea market find for a client made this said dream come true because the piece is one of four in the world.

Benjamin Brial, Executive Chef at Hotel Lutetia, shares the story of his time working and living in Asia and the differences in produce and sourcing in France. He speaks about the challenges that came with opening the hotel’s restaurant from scratch. Chef Benjamin then reveals his secret to a great lobster sandwich and the surprising item on the menu that flies off the shelves.

Bastien Lalanne, Head Concierge at Hotel Lutetia, speaks about the true definition of a hotel concierge and being part of the over 4,000 member network around the world that help guests solve any problem, day or night. He expands on the challenges faced on a daily basis of a concierge and shares a specific instance where mountains (and trains) had to be moved to resolve a dilemma. His motto is if it’s legal, he will do it.

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