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Travel Tip: Boeing 737 MAX


There is good news in airline technology.

Narrow-bodied jets can now fly longer than ever. Boeing calls the new generation of 737s, “MAX.” It’s lighter, has more efficient engines and improved wing design.

What this means is that the 737, the world’s most popular passenger jet that was designed for short-haul runs is now flying across oceans on long-haul routes.

So, what does that mean for you? In some cases, it may mean lower prices.

But in all cases, the single-aisle planes flying across both the Atlantic and Pacific on six and seven hour flights have reduced seat width. And on some flights, that’s as little as 17.2 inches wide and a whole lot less leg room.

While the price might be right, you will not find a great comfort zone on the plane. For my money, if I have a choice between an older 757 or a 767 flying across the sea or a brand new 737 MAX–even with improved inflight entertainment–I’m choosing the older aircraft.

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