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Travel Tip: Beautiful Subway Stations

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Sometimes, you have to go deep underground to see real beauty. I’m talking about the world’s subway stations.

In Taiwan, there’s the colorful Formosa Boulevard station. It has 4,500 panel glass kaleidoscopes, one of the largest glass works in the world.

And when you’re done visiting the Kremlin, check out Moscow’s Komsomolskaya station. Its neo-classical chandeliers, columns and ceilings will make you feel like you’re in a palace and not just waiting for a train.

For surreal feelings, visit the Wesfriedhof Station in Munich, Germany. You’re not just standing on a platform but rather on a giant desk under the lights of huge concave table lamps.

And last but certainly not least is New York’s own Grand Central Terminal. With its lofty arches, marble and elegant design, it also holds the Guinness World Record for largest railway station by number of platforms.

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