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Like a Local: Baltimore

Locations in this article:  Baltimore, MD
When you think of Baltimore, Maryland, you got to think about American history–the cobblestone streets, the Orioles and the Ravens. But the city has reinvented itself without sacrificing its past. Baltimore has had a cultural renaissance and is now a refreshing convergence of artists, designers and chefs. The time is right to explore Baltimore…like a local.

Originally settled in the 17th century, Baltimore rapidly grew as a seafaring and trading community. Thanks to its location near the Chesapeake Bay, it emerged as an industrial center.

Over the years, those industrial buildings have been transformed into craft breweries, restaurants and even hotels.

Take for instance, the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore hotel in Fells Point. Overlooking the harbor, this 1914 building was once known to locals as the “rec pier,” and now it’s a 128-room luxury hotel on the water. The harbor doesn’t just service large industrial ships. It also provides a means of transportation.

Then, right down the street in the Remington neighborhood is “R. House,” Baltimore’s newest food hall. This former body shop houses local food vendors and offers up some healthy options including kombucha on tap.

But the food is only one part of the way this location embraces a healthy lifestyle. Head upstairs and you’ll find the “Movement Lab”, where you can work off all that kale in the air. This lab is an example of the increased health consciousness of Baltimore and a great example of a creative use of converted space.

Another transformed space in Baltimore is the old Lebow Brothers Clothing Factory. Now it’s called “Open Works” and is a co-op for Baltimore’s designers, builders and craftsmen. For $125 a month, members are given tools and resources for their trades including 3D printing, digital fabrication, metalworking, and woodworking. One of the local craftsmen even let me help him finish a project he’s put together in his space.

And then there’s one additional note: Baltimore is one of America’s the most accessible cities in America–by sea, train, or plane.

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