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Travel Tip: The Passport that Allows You To Travel to the Most Countries Without a Visa

I’ve always valued the idea and the usefulness of having a passport, and I’m always encouraging all of my friends and listeners to get one. It’s still surprising, and somewhat embarrassing, as to how few Americans still own a passport.

But for those of us who do have a passport, as useful as a U.S. passport is, it’s not the best passport to have. Recently, individual citizenship has been ranked by which passport allows you to travel to the most countries without a visa and the world’s perception of the citizen’s country.

And the winner is Luxembourg. Having a Luxembourg passport allows you to travel to 177 countries visa-free.

Number two is an Irish passport, and at number three–and not surprisingly–it’s the Swiss passport.

Where is the U.S. passport? It’s down at number 35.

And what’s the worst passport to travel with? It’s the Afghan passport. It only allows travel to 24 countries visa-free. 

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