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Travel Tip: An Update on Airline Travel Ratings

The 28th annual Airline Quality Rating is out, and the results for the best and worst airlines based on overall performance, price and overall customer satisfaction may surprise you.

Based partially on the United States Department of Transportation’s monthly reports on factors such as on-time performance, denied boardings, mishandled luggage and and other customer complaints– Delta, Southwest and Frontier Airlines improved in rankings.

But the real winner was Alaska Airlines, which took the number one spot as the best ranked airline.

JetBlue, long a consumer favorite, dropped down to the third spot on the list because of their on-time performance rating.

You might be surprised to learn that Spirit jumped up two spots in the rankings to number 12 and that there were disappointing performances from both American and Hawaiian Airlines. Although, Hawaiian still wins in the on-time performance category.

After United’s recent controversies including the death of a dog in the overhead compartment and a doctor being forcibly dragged off one of its airplanes, not surprisingly, the airline dropped from number two to number four in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

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