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Eye on Travel

Radio Guest List—ART Hotel in Denver, Colorado—April 14, 2018

Locations in this article:  Denver, CO

This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the ART Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Joining Peter is Aviation Consultant Mike Boyd, on the dark science of the distribution of travel waivers and his first hand observations of airplane culture. Curator of Textile Art and Fashion at the Denver Art Museum, Florence Müller, explains the decades of controversy surrounding fashion being displayed in famous museums around the world. Then, Brian Hostetler of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science discusses its wild display ranging from the Dead Sea Scrolls to outer space. There’s all of this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the ART Hotel in Denver, Colorado.


The ART Hotel

Mike Boyd, Aviation Consultant and President of Boyd Group International, discusses travel waivers and the stipulations with getting another flight. He provides insight into flying standby and the stressful culture of flying. He also reveals that he was once a gate agent at LaGuardia.


Ed Sealover, Reporter at the Denver Business Journal, discusses the wide range of craft breweries in Denver. He explains that occasionally hops are home grown but they primarily come from Washington and Idaho. He talks about the history of Coors and how it once was a ‘rare’ Colorado only beer that you had to travel to try. He also shares his insight into the evolving wine scene and the most notable wineries.


Brian Hostetler, Children and Family Program Manager at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, talks about the interactive exhibits featured in the museum. He highlights the human body exhibit and the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, explaining how these are once in a lifetime experiences. He shares that the museum showcases everything from Dead Sea to outer space exploration. He also talks about how the museum tells stories with their displays.


Florence Müller, Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art and Fashion at the Denver Art Museum, explains that fashion is a subject for everyone — as everyone experiments with it every day. She talks about the former controversy of featuring fashion in famous museums like the Louvre, however nowadays it is widely recognized as an art and way of self expression. She also describes the fashion scene in Denver, describing it as very cool, colorful, and similar to that of a West Coast hipster.


Patricia Calhoun, Co-founder and Editor of Westword, talks about the world class collection on display at the ART hotel. She explains how a lot of people move to Denver for their start, as it’s a great incubator. She highlights her favorite restaurants, villages, and must try foods — including the Mexican Green Chilie hamburger. She also talks about the hundreds of breweries and historic dive bars in the area, like My Brothers Bar which features a letter from Neal Cassady who couldn’t pay his bar tab because he was at war.


Brent Cowles, Musician, explains the journey of an artist, from garages to bars. He shares that it takes a while to become established in the scene but that the hard work is extremely rewarding. He talks about how crucial networking is for a musician and that these people are your support system. He also performs How to Be Ok Alone, a song off his new album, available June 15th.


Jennifer Jasinski, Chef and Owner of Rioja, Bistro Vendome and Euclid Hall Restaurants, talks about her popular Denver restaurants which earned her a James Beard award. She discusses the advances in the food scene over the past 10 years and how it has evolved. She explains how Denver values the emphasis of farm to table restaurants. She also stresses an importance in location and accessibility, which is why her restaurants are all within walking distance of each other.


Janice Sinden, CEO of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, discusses Broadway shows like The Lion King and Frozen, which first premiered in Denver. She explains how Denver is the kick off city for national tours and is home to one of the largest new play summits in the country. She states that their biggest challenge is constantly evaluating what is important to the theater goers. She also highlights immersive theater experiences and how they bring theater into the Denver community.


By Kyla Perlman for