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Travel Tip: The Dangers of Walking and Texting

Image Credit: Duncan Harris

Locations in this article:  Honolulu, HI

Image Credit: Duncan Harris

Just a few weeks ago, Honolulu became the first major American city to make it illegal to text or even look down at any electronic device while crossing the street.

Welcome to the treacherous world of distracted walking—and it is dangerous.

A recent study reported that more than 1,500 pedestrians were treated in hospitals for injuries while walking with a mobile device.

This doesn’t include those who died.

By the way, there are similar distracted walking laws on the books in smaller communities like Rexburg, Idaho.

So far, distracted walking laws have been introduced, but not passed into law in Illinois, New Jersey, and Stamford, Connecticut.

But the bottom line here: when walking anywhere, if your phone rings, stop to talk.

The same applies if you want to text.

If you happen to be texting or looking down at your device while walking in Honolulu, you’re now breaking the law.

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