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Travel Tip: Survey Finds the Best Winter Travel Destinations for 2017

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Another Believer

With winter and cold weather approaching, it’s time to select the best winter holiday destinations.

The finance website WalletHub looked at 60 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas and then analyzed them across 32 key metrics, including cost and hassle of traveling to each location.

What was the winner of the best cold destination for winter travel? Chicago.

It was followed by Portland, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and New York.

What about the best warm destinations for winter travel?

Number one was Orlando, followed by Las Vegas, San Diego, and Austin.

The site also compared airfares.

The average flight to a cold destination costs $277 and lasts 3 hours and 49 minutes.

A flight to a warm destination is $407 and lasts six hours.

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