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Ask A Concierge: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

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When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of huge neon signs. Many of the city’s more famous casinos are no longer with us; however, something of Sin City’s legendary past survives at the Neon Museum, which is definitely one of the more offbeat attractions in Las Vegas. It’s well worth an hour or two of your time. Sarah Dandashy of Ask A Concierge explains why you should visit this destination on your next trip to Las Vegas.

The Neon Museum is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of the city by showcasing iconic, retired neon signs from Las Vegas’ often dark past. The signs on display at the neon travel museum evoke the Vegas of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, the Mob, and some famous casino names that are sadly no more, such as the Landmark, Algiers, Stardust, and the Hacienda.

The museum’s main exhibition space is a two-acre outdoor, maze-like site called the “Neon Boneyard,” which contains some of the most recognizable signs. In total, about 150 signs are on display, and if you visit at night, some of them have been brought back to “glowing” life.

However, you can’t just stroll into the Neon Boneyard; the only way to experience this rich glimpse into Las Vegas history is by booking a guided tour. Tours last about an hour, and the size of the group is kept small to allow the knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides to answer questions and share their often detailed knowledge. Of course, Las Vegas is an obvious place to tie the knot, and if you want some wedding photos with a twist, the Boneyard North section can be hired for weddings and other events.

This fascinating Neon Museum is located slightly off the beaten track, just north of downtown Las Vegas. Tours can be booked online, and cost between $15 and $28 per person, depending on whether it’s a day or night tour. Las Vegas may not be quite what it used to be, but this unique museum does an excellent job of capturing some of the magic.

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By Sarah Dandashy and Nino D. Gordeli for PeterGreenberg.com. You can visit her website AskAConcierge.tv.