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Travel Tip: How Ugly Suitcase Colors Can Make Traveling Easier

Image Credit: Billy Hathorn

Image Credit: Billy Hathorn

If you absolutely have to check your bags, you might also want some reassurance that your luggage will be on the same flight that you are.

Then, when you get to baggage claim, you want to be able to actually spot the bag.

That’s becoming increasingly difficult, since everyone seems to be traveling with bags that are black.

So do what I do.

It’s not about style. It’s about being a contrarian traveler.

Buy luggage in the ugliest possible color—DayGlo pink or even vomit green.

Then tag those bags three times with large orange or turquoise ID tags on the outside.

On the inside of the bag, use orange duct tape and write your name and cell phone number (never your address).

That way, if the conveyor belts eat your exterior bag tags, the airline can still reunite you with your luggage.

Plus, they’ll notice that DayGlo vomit green bag a lot faster in that sea of misplaced black bags.

Remember, when it comes to checked baggage, it’s not about looking good, it’s about getting/finding your bag.

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