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Travel Tip: Why You Should Use the Airport Bathroom Before Your Flight

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Image Credit: Alessandra Taryn

What I’m about to tell you is plain and simple advice when it comes to your next plane flight.

It’s not just a good idea—but perhaps an essential one.

Visit the airport bathroom before boarding your flight.

If your flight is stuck on the ground or delayed, chances are high the seat belt sign will stay on and you’ll have to remain in your seat.

By the time the plane starts taxiing, someone has to go.

Despite warnings from the flight attendants to remain seated, the passenger is intent on using that lavatory.

On a recent Delta flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee, a passenger got up and continued to the lavatory despite warnings from the flight attendants to return to his seat.

He was only in the bathroom for a minute.

The result? His urgent need for a toilet stop rerouted the plane back to the gate and he was booted from the flight.

What’s the moral of this story? Please go—before you go.

Even if you think there’s no need, play it safe. Your full bladder is not considered an acceptable excuse to refuse a flight attendant’s order.

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