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Radio Guest List—Prince de Galles Hotel Paris, France—May 27, 2017

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hotel-entrance2This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris, France. The hotel was first constructed in 1928 on the sophisticated Avenue George V. It was named after the Prince of Wales Edward VIII in honor of his annual visits to Paris. The hotel, which has all modern amenities, has a classic art deco style which was inspired by the Decorative Arts exhibition in 1925. This week, Peter takes time to chat with hotel historian Andreas Augustin who is writing a piece for the 90th anniversary of the Prince de Galles hotel. He has some fascinating stories about the hotel, including one about Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich. Peter also talks to Candice Mahout, a journalist for BFM TV, who invites Peter out on a date to experience her favorite places in the city of lights. There’s all of this and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris.

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Simon Calder, Travel Reporter for The Independent, talks to Peter about some of the worst and most unfortunate tourism slogans from destinations around the world. They also discuss the rise of budget airlines.

Lucy Symons, Reporter for Green Traveller, discusses her latest trips with Peter and some of the best green travel she’s done throughout the year.

Jake Cigainero, a New York Times reporter living in Paris, chats with Peter about what brought him to Paris from Texas in the first place and some of the places he brings friends when they come to visit, including his favorite hidden gems in the city.

Paul Kirchoff, CEO of EXP Worldwide, discusses what the company is doing to allow entrepreneurs to explore the world and have adventures of a lifetime. He also talks about some of his own amazing experiences from his adventures around the globe.

Marie-Liesse Thery, Chief Concierge at Prince de Galles Hotel, reveals some of the strangest requests she has received from guests and what people can expect from concierge services. She also dispels any rumors that prevent people from using the invaluable services provided by hotels.

Candice Mahout, Journalist at BFM TV, tells Peter what her favorite day in the city consists of and even invites him on a date, detailing what they would do together, from walking along the Seine to enjoying small shops.

Catherine Down, Editor of Ciao Down and an American expat living in Paris, walks us through a culinary adventure through the streets of Paris and goes into detail about some of the unique and special spots she has discovered while living in the city. Her favorite is a dessert shop where the owner will tell fascinating stories while you enjoy the treats.

Emilie Thyebaut, Owner of tour company France Just For You, talks about her unique business model and how she arranges trips for her customers around France, including specialized experiences and personal touches.

Andreas Augustin, a hotel historian, is writing a book about the 90th anniversary of the Prince de Galles hotel. He tells Peter some of the most interesting facts about the building and even reveals an interesting fact about Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich and her forgotten luggage.

Cedric Maupoint, Chief Sommelier at La Scene restaurant, discusses his favorite dishes and how he chooses what goes on the menu at his one-star Michelin restaurant. He also reveals what guests have loved and disliked throughout his career.

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