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Travel Tip: The Issue With Checking Luggage at the Gate

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airportSince just about every airline charges for checked luggage, passengers have been trying to avoid the charges.


If their bags can somehow squeeze through the carry-on security conveyor belts, then they’re home free.

When they get to the gate—Spirit and Frontier Airlines being the only exceptions—the airline will check the bags for free.

Of course, this angers the passengers who have already paid to check their bags.

On one recent Delta flight, I counted 53 separate bags on the jetway, waiting to be gate checked at no cost.

So the game continues, with at least one exception.

Recently, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz went on a nine-day trip to Indonesia, and had a large amount of bags.

Some were estimated to weigh 100 tons.

The “luggage” included two limousines and a pair of special escalators.

He obviously had an unlimited baggage budget, yet still managed to exceed it.

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