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Travel Tip: What are the Most Caring Cities in America?

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Image Credit: Dori

Image Credit: Dori

If you’re looking to travel—or perhaps even move—to another U.S. city in the near future, most of you would look at some basic comparison items.

These include crime rate, cost of living, health care facilities, or mass transit infrastructure.

What about warmheartedness? Which are the most caring cities in America?

A recent study compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 32 key metrics, including homelessness, the percentage of income locals donated to charity, and special education teachers per capita.

The top winners were:

1. Madison, Wisconsin

2. Lincoln, Nebraska

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

4. Boise, Idaho

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

Memphis has the highest share of income donated to charity. The lowest is Laredo in Texas.

Virginia Beach boasts the most number of volunteering hours per capita. New Orleans has the fewest.

People in Milwaukee represent the highest share of residents who do favors for their neighbors. That’s four times higher than Phoenix, Arizona.

Which cities ranked the lowest?

100. San Bernardino, California

99. Laredo, Texas

98. Detroit, Michigan

97. Fresno, California

96. Stockton, California

While it might get the lowest overall ranking, San Bernardino also has the highest percentage of coworkers who carpool.

That’s four times better than New York City.

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