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Radio Guest List—Best of 2016, No Fear For The Holidays—December 24, 2016

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Image Credit: Darra Stone

Image Credit: Darra Stone

This Saturday, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show is all about “No Fear For The Holidays” with some of our favorite guests. The Mayor of Amman, Jordan, H.E. Mayor Akel Biltaji, Roger Dow of the United States Travel Association and Elaine Sciolino of The New York Times in Paris, and other guests featured on this episode. We focus on the message that the worst four letter word in English language, FEAR, should not dictate our travel plans. There is all of this and more and the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show comes to you all about “No Fear For The Holidays.”

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H.E. Mayor Akel Biltaji discusses the recently built airport, as well as Jordan’s evolving infrastructure and the incentives to help keep the environment clean.

Raja Gargour, Director of the Royal Automobile Museum, talks about the classic 1916 film Laurence of Arabia, King Hussein’s love of cars, the significance of the museum, and shares some details about the upcoming tank exhibit.

Roger Dow, President and CEO of The U.S. Travel Association, drops by to talk about the Visa Waiver Program and Trusted Traveler Programs

Stella Nolasco, well known fashion designer, talks about what separates the looks and styles of dresses in Puerto Rico and what makes her designs so popular in the U.S.

Celina Noqueras Cuevas, writer, cultural creator, and trend forecaster, talks about street art and the local scene of entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico.

Elaine Sciolino, Author and former Paris Bureau Chief for The New York Times in Paris, talks about her new book, The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs, and why she has felt safe traveling to Iran five times in the last year.

Jenelle Eli, Director of International Communications for the American Red Cross, describes her experiences aboard the Responder, helping migrants cross treacherous waters.

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