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Travel Tip: What to Consider Before Traveling to Cuba

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Image Credit: @insightcuba on Instagram

Image Credit: @insightcuba on Instagram

The race is on for American travel to Cuba.

The first commercially scheduled service in nearly 60 years by a U.S. airline—JetBlue—is the first of what will soon be as many as 110 flights a day between the U.S. and the once-forbidden nation.

The flights will arrive not just in Havana, but in eight other Cuban airports as well.

While change is coming rapidly to Cuba, you need to be warned that the infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the demand.

There are still not enough hotel rooms, mass transit, restaurants, or even bathrooms to support all the folks who want to go to Cuba.

So if you want to be first on your block to go—and so many people want that—you need to be aware that the law of supply and demand is ruling.

You should be prepared to pay for those bragging rights.

While the airlines might offer lower introductory fares, the real problem may be finding an affordable hotel room—or a hotel room at all.

As for goods and services, there will be similar problems in the short term.

There just might not be enough Cuban cigars to go around.

A word of caution? Watch out for the counterfeit, mislabeled cigars brought in from the Dominican Republic and other countries to support the demand.

On the other hand, if you want to see Cuba BKFC (before Kentucky Fried Chicken gets there) and are willing to pay the additional price, then now is definitely the time to go.

For the moment I’m just raising a flag of caution in terms of price and experience.

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