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What You Should Know About State Department Advisories and Terrorism

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In my book, there’s one really bad four-letter word that starts with “F” when it comes to travel, and that word is fear. Few things that fuel that fear more than three other words: State Department Advisory.

If there’s a State Department advisory to a destination you want to travel to, does that mean you shouldn’t go? Well, in my experience and with exceedingly few exceptions, the answer is no.

Here are a number of things to think about.

At any given time, there are dozens of State Department Advisories, but remember, the word is advisory.

Things you need to know—not reasons not to go. There could be an advisory for a specific town or city—and not the entire country. Or it could have to do with a specific issue about public health.

Keep in mind that many of these advisories are usually issued for a set period of time, and most won’t even apply to your trip.

There’s one essential thing you need to pack every time you travel, whether it’s to Boston or Barcelona. It’s called common sense. Do your homework, be alert, be aware, immerse yourself with the local culture, and then when you get my advisory, you’ll have a pretty good time.

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