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Travel Tip: Visiting Olympic Cities After the Games

Image Credit: Sander van Ginkel

Locations in this article:  Atlanta, GA Sydney, Australia
Image Credit: Sander van Ginkel

Image Credit: Sander van Ginkel

Every four years, cities around the world fiercely compete to host the summer Olympic Games.

Billions of dollars are committed to improving the infrastructure of these cities—Olympic venues, hotels, highways, and security.

But a harsh realization comes after the Games.

Atlanta is still trying to fill all the hotel rooms it built 20 years ago. The same is true with Sydney.

The initial thinking is that hosting the Games—events that last less than three weeks—will somehow financially save these cities or countries.

Now, in the wake of the Rio Games, reality is setting in.

In 2004, 12 cities bid to host the Games. Only five put in a bid for 2020.

But there is an upside for travelers.

At the very end of every Olympics, these cities are confronted with the disconcerting prospect of having to fill all those hotel rooms.

That’s where the discounting starts.

Smart travelers get a gold medal for waiting until after the closing ceremonies to go to an Olympic city. This year will be no different.

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