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Travel Tip: How Do Travelers Actually Feel About Cruising?

cruise shipThis year, a staggering 1.2 billion people will cross an international border.

But how many of them will take a cruise? Only about 24 million—a mere fraction of that total.

The cruise ship economy is still in its infancy, but this year it’s growing wildly.

Around the world, every shipyard is at capacity.

There are 57 new cruise ships of every size and pedigree being built.

Yet, a new survey conducted by Allianz Insurance found that two thirds of Americans have never been on a cruise.

There were some other surprising discoveries.

Of those who said they’ve never cruised, 47 percent said it was because they thought cruising was too expensive.

Perhaps most significant: 22 percent of them said cruises have a bad reputation.

Still, only one percent said they’d ever been injured on a cruise.

But a higher percentage reported that they’d been sick on a cruise.

So what does this mean to you?

With all the new ships about to set sail, it could quickly become a buyer’s market.

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