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Travel Tip: Who Can Know You’re Staying at a Hotel?

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hotelroomEveryone is worried about privacy and the rights to protect information.

So the next time you check into a hotel, who is allowed to know you’re staying there?

The answers might surprise you.

Hotels are often subjected to laws by local city governments, which allow law enforcement to inspect the guest registry.

That provides information about who is staying there, when they checked in, when they plan on checking out, their choice of payment, and additional information given to the front desk upon arrival.

Police say they need those details to stop crimes such as prostitution and drug trafficking.

But at what point is it unlawful for the police to have that information without your consent?

In a 5 to 4 ruling last year, the U.S. Supreme Court declared this unconstitutional.

But despite the ruling, that battle is still being fought in other states, like Montana, on fourth amendment grounds.

So for the moment, your check-in information in many states is still available to police, until that is challenged in the courts.

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